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Access to information is always important and as such, Prof Benn has written numerous articles and handouts that can help you familiarise yourself with your breast concern, as well as the treatment process. So, if you are looking for information about your particular breast concern, please turn to these handouts attached below rather than doctor google.

These handouts are meant to assist you with coming to terms and dealing with your particular concern,

but they are in no means a replacement to consulting a specialist.

Use these handouts as a helpful tool on your journey, but they are not the path, as every case is unique and therefore cannot be dealt with through reading one handout. If, however, you feel that there is no relevant handout for your particular concern, please feel free to contact the Breast Care Centre of Excellence and someone can assist you by sending you the right handout.

The Pink Parasol Project


The Pink Parasol is a website that helps with contact points to many allied health care practitioners that are associated or work synergistically with the unit. The website serves as a great resource and assistance for aiding all through their cancer journey.

The Breast Health Foundation


The Breast Health Foundation, another one of our affiliate organisations, is a fantastic resource. Patient navigators from the Breast Health Foundation who have walked the Breast cancer journey are available to counsel you and help you with your journey. On their website you can find dozens of useful articles and information regarding breast health and breast concerns. If you’re looking for something in particular, or haven’t found a handout here that answers your questions, we highly recommend heading over to their site and checking out the information that they have to offer. If, after looking through this website, the Breast Health Foundation website and the Buddies for Life articles, you still haven’t found the information you are looking for, please feel free to contact the BCCE and someone will either assist you or advise you to come in for a consultation.

Bosom Buddies is their volunteer-run support group that provides emotional and informative support to women and men affected by Breast Cancer. Volunteers, or “Buddies,” guide those diagnosed with Breast Cancer, including their loved ones, during challenging times and create a loving, warm, and compassionate environment.

Meta Buddies is an online support group that provides emotional and informative support to women and men affected with Metastatic Breast Cancer. Health Care Providers guide people diagnosed with Metastatic Breast Cancer during challenging and uncertain times and creates an open forum for this community, that is safe, where they can openly discuss their unique challenges.

The Breast Health Foundation also has a 24-Hour Care Line (0860 283 343). This National Support Number provides support and guidance to those in need and is manned by a qualified team, all breast cancer survivors themselves.

A Must Read.

This book, written for all women, aims to give the reader relevant information about topics from breast health to both cancerous and non-cancerous breast conditions.